You’ve heard of writer’s block no doubt and if you’re a writer you’ve probably (almost certainly) experienced it. But today I’m going to be talking about blogger’s block specifically.

blogger's block

The key to blogging is consistency (and quality of course). Whether you’re blogging because you enjoy it, plan to make money from it or are just doing it for SEO purposes, you’ll probably get to a point where you think:

Oh god, I don’t know what to write

We’ve all been there trust me. I don’t know of any writers (bloggers or otherwise) who haven’t wanted to chuck the laptop out the window at some point. However, that’s likely no comfort for those who rely on blogging to make money. We can’t afford to step away so I’m going to share some tips that I have found helpful and regularly use myself.

So how do I overcome bloggers block?

There are a number of different techniques for writing blocks going around but these are ones I use:

Freestyle creative writing

You might be thinking, hang on, I’m a blogger not a storyteller. Though those two are not that different, bear with me anyway. This is about trying something new. It’s about reigniting the spark that has temporarily gone out and soothing a lack of confidence which is often the route cause of writer’s block.

Try one of the following:

Write a page describing the room you’re in or write out a dream you recently had as if it’s a scene in a film. Scour Pinterest for some writing prompts.

And just run with it. Don’t stop writing. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense or if the grammar or the spelling is all wrong. It usually is with this exercise.

The purpose of this is just to write anything – reset your brain. It doesn’t matter that it’s hard to make money with this type of writing – this exercise is about getting those creative juices flowing so that you’re better prepared to tackle the stuff you actually need to write about.

This will particularly help those who also write fiction like me and also struggle with writer’s block…like me again.


Keep first drafts locked down

‘Give yourself permission to write badly’¬†

This is a quote that I use often when talking about writing, both content and fiction. Remember that it’s okay that the first draft makes no sense. Keep your first drafts locked down, never seeing the light of day.

It may not be a comforting quote for my clients to hear me saying, but this is not about settling for less, it’s about allowing yourself to write more than…well nothing. You can’t do much with a blank page. You can with a page full of scribbles, as messy as it might be in the beginning.

Editing is key.

When I write, if I’m not feeling it, I will suck it up and write some terrible prose that should never see the light of day. And it never does. Your first drafts are for you alone.

No one wants to see the foundations that your house is built on and the same goes for writing. Foundations aren’t pretty.

So there are my tips for anyone who is struggling. This goes for creative writers too: try something different or something bad.

Has anyone tried free writing before? Let me know how you get on or if you’ve got any other tips on banishing blogger’s block, then pop it in the comments¬†

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