Blogs might seem like an unnecessary feature for a business, but there are plenty of benefits to having a well-updated blog on your website – no matter your industry. Take a look below at the benefits below.

Benefits of having a blog on your business website

  • Improved SEO – Search engines like websites that have fresh content regularly uploaded and will boost your website in the rankings
  • Traffic source – Posting handy blogs, full of helpful information is a great way to pull over traffic from people already interested in your industry
  • Added value – Everyone loves a freebie. If people know they’re already getting value from you, they’ll be more likely to throw business your way
  • Brand awareness – Pushing out regular content gets your brand seen in the right places and gains attention from your target market

I go into the benefits in more detail in this post. 

My blog post writing services

Writing blog posts is probably not why you got into business, right? If you know you need a blog but you haven’t got the time or the resources to write for it yourself – what do you do?

Luckily, I have the solution! – Hire someone who specialises in writing posts like this all the time.

I specialise in writing well-researched, detailed, helpful and fun-to-read blog posts relating to your business and industry. I’ll provide your target market with incentive to visit your website, therefore increasing your sales potential.

I write on a range of topics but my niches are writing about business, finance/financial services and marketing.

My blog post writing services include:

  • Well researched, detailed blog posts – tailor made for your business & industry
  • Posts that are genuinely helpful and fun to read
  • Eye-catching headlines
  • SEO friendly content (but not littered with keywords)
  • Blog topic pitches (if you need them or I’m happy to use your ideas also)
  • 2 sets of free alterations to ensure the posts are perfect for you


My blog post rates

So, are you interested in blog post writing services? I’ve got two options for you, depending on your needs:

Regular service

I can keep your website full of fresh content with a regular blogging service. I’ll do a set amount of blog posts, agreed with you, per month for a fixed rate.

One-off posts

If you’re not sure about regular posting or you have only a specific post in mind, I can provide you with a one-off blog post rate.

For a personalised quote, please email me at, detailing your blog post writing needs and I’ll get back to you ASAP.