Moonlighting Freelancers: How to Manage Freelancing With Your Day Job

Are you planning to freelance on the side? It's how most freelance writers start off because it's difficult to make enough money to live on in the beginning. It's what I'm currently doing, so read on for tips on how to manage freelancing in addition to your day job!...

Are Content Mill Writers Really Worth It?

Whether it’s content marketing, advertising copy or blog posts, you’ll want to save money when hiring a writer. So you may turn to a content mill instinctively. You may pay pennies or even a couple of quid for a faceless, instant writer and think you’re getting a good deal. Here’s why you’re not.

How to Maintain Two Blogs (or more)

If you're like me, sometimes you just want to be able to do everything at once. So, when a new idea pops up and you head straight towards it, you can find yourself hitting a brick wall without a solid plan in place. In this post, I'll be discussing the possibilities,...