Are you a business in need of a writer? Whether it’s email marketing, advertising copy or blog posts, it’s understandable to want to save money when hiring a writer. In cases like these, many people turn to content mill writers. You may pay pennies or even a couple of quid for a faceless, instant writer and think you’re getting a good deal.

Are content mill writers really a good deal?

Before I go on, this isn’t a guilt trip post about poor freelance writers earning a measly £4 for several hours work and treating themselves to own-brand tins of beans. Of course that’s important, and I hope you bear it in mind. However, my focus here is on you and what you’re getting for your money.

are content mills worth it

Picture the scene…

The freelance writer, signed up to multiple content mills, furiously clicking through pages to find jobs and then mindlessly bidding for the work. They have to work quickly in order to do enough jobs to make anywhere near enough money to spend on anything. They are also likely to have another job because it’s very difficult to be cheap on those sites and pay your way in the world.

I imagine at this point you’re thinking ‘she said this wasn’t a guilt trip’. It’s not, honest!

The point I’m getting to is that the content mill writer has little time, patience and attention for your job. Some might work really hard, usually the beginners who are desperate to please, but most just want your job over and done with. That’s not to say they’re lazy or even bad writers. It’s just hard to find content mill writers with a spark of enthusiasm to work several hours for 4 quid (the fee on Fiverr).

If you are wanting content to put on your site, to represent your brand and drive your traffic to convert – do you really want to leave that to a burnt out writer who feels demoralised and desperate? My guess is no.

I’m not saying that all the work you pay for on content mills is bad – I am sure there are plenty of great writers on there who are simply undervaluing themselves. Which is a crying shame. But does that lack of confidence to move forward in their business inspire confidence for you and your business?

Business owners not workers

An indie freelance writer, on the other hand is committed to building a freelance writing business. Plenty do it full-time, though some will start off doing it on the side. Either way, good freelance writers are committed to keeping their clients happy by producing quality content because that’s how you build a solid business. They’re in it for the long haul and not just looking to make a quick bit of money here and there to top up their salary.

Unlike a lot of content mill writers, freelancers are business-minded people. With that comes responsibility, business insight and usually more experience and specialities. A good freelancer will tailor their services to your business needs. They will spend time researching your targets, brand, audience and all those little details that a content mill writer simply doesn’t have the time to do. A good freelancer has contracts in place, protocols so that you are both reassured and protected.

The catch?

Of course, they charge more. But you are not just paying for content. You are paying for experience, expertise, professionalism and peace of mind. You are paying for tailored work, business-minded approaches. You are paying for research, quality writing and editing – something you can happily put on your website and feel good about.

I am of course biased, I’ll admit it! But there’s my two cents to anyone who was wondering/undecided. Also for any content mill writers reading this – please stop undervaluing your talents! You’re better than that.

Have you ever used content mill writers? Have you had a positive or negative experience? Please share your thoughts!

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