Ebook and Guide Writing Services

Are you looking for a way to get people to sign up to your newsletter?

The best way to get people to hand over their details is to offer them an incentive – a tangible benefit to give them something in return. Everyone loves a freebie after all. A way to do this is to offer a free guide or ebook download in return for signing up.


The benefits of having an ebook for your business

Provide added value – a blog can go a long way, but a meatier guide that answers all your customers’ questions will go even further in providing value. Don’t wait until the customer signs up or buys to provide them with value – get in there beforehand.

Collect emails – offering free downloads is a great way to collect data for your email list so you can target your email marketing more effectively – just make sure you’re transparent about what signing up means.

Save time – Do you find yourself having to answer the same questions again and again? An FAQ page is a good start, but a comprehensive guide will give your customers all the details they need in one place, saving you both time.

Choosing you over the competition –  Say you’re looking for accountancy services, are you more likely to go with the firm that offers tons of helpful guides and blogs or the one that doesn’t. A guide can help you stand out among the competition!

Extra revenue – Not a fan of offering up a free ebook? You could always charge for your downloads and build up a passive income stream that way.


My ebook and guide writing services

I can provide your business with a guide that is:

  • Well researched and accurate
  • Clear and easy to read
  • In keeping with your brand’s tone (e.g. corporate or conversational)
  • Informative and genuinely useful

Here are some examples of the kind of guides I can create:

  • A guide to your services or products
  • How to use your software/how it benefits users
  • Why investors should consider funding you
  • How clients can start a business/blog
  • Common queries answered


My rates

So, are you ready to use a brand, spanking new ebook or guide to propel sales into your website?

My rates will depend on how long you want your ebook to be and how detailed you want it. My prices start at £500.

To get a personalised quote, please email me at kara@copplecopy.com and I’ll get back to you soon.