Ebook and Guide Writing Services

Why create an ebook or downloadable guide for your business?

The best way to get people to hand over their details is to offer them an incentive – a tangible benefit to give them something in return.

Everyone loves a freebie after all. A way to do this is to offer a free guide or ebook download in return for signing up.

Provide Added Value

Don’t wait until the customer signs up or buys to provide them with value – get in there beforehand.


Save Time

A comprehensive guide will give your customers all the details they need in one place, saving you both time.

Collect Emails

Offering downloads is a great way to collect email addresses – target your email marketing more effectively.

Extra Revenue

Not a fan of offering free ebooks? Charge for your downloads and build up a passive income stream.

My Ebook and Guide Writing Service

Here are some examples of the kind of guides I can create:

  • A guide to your services or products
  • How to use your software/how it benefits users
  • Why investors should consider funding you
  • How clients can start a business/blog
  • Common queries answered

My ebooks and guides are:


Well Researched

I will research your industry, topic, competition to create effective, accurate blog posts.


Matches Your Brand's Tone

I’ll write any content in your business’ voice, in keeping with the rest of your site.


Informative & Genuinely Useful

No ebooks for the sake of it. These guides are informative & genuinely useful for your target market.

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