If you’re like me, sometimes you just want to be able to do everything at once. So, when a new idea pops up and you head straight towards it, you can find yourself hitting a brick wall without a solid plan in place. In this post, I’ll be discussing the possibilities, benefits and downsides to having more than one blog and how you can make it work for both.

having more than one blog

The benefits to having more than one blog

Separate specialities

Whether you’re an individual blogging or are running a couple of businesses, it can get confusing very quickly if everything is all in one place. The last thing you want if for someone to arrive on your website and not know what the hell you’re about because you’re trying to cover all bases. It should be obvious straight away what you do and what you’re selling.

If you’ve got more than one speciality, it makes sense to have more than one website – and possibly more than one blog. For me personally, I’ve got a fiction writing website and a freelancing website – if I’d blended both of those together it would look like a huge mess.


Give you something new to write about

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I write about the same thing over and over again I get bored very quickly. I love variety and that’s part of the reason why I have two blogs. It also gives you the chance to separate your work life from your passion or hobby.


The downsides

Twice the work

I won’t lie, maintaining a blog isn’t easy. There’s a lot of work involved – more than just typing something up and hitting post. You’ve got to research, draft, edit, proof, find images, handle SEO and keywords and then market it of course. If you’ve found one blog to be almost overwhelming then I would have a serious talk with yourself about why you think you need another blog.

The obvious solution here, if you need more than one blog, is to hire a freelance writer to take care of your content *wink wink*

If you can’t commit, the blog will be a waste of time

Sorry to be blunt, but the thing with blogs is you need to be consistent with them. They need regular content that people can rely on. Would you subscribe to a blog that only posted once every three months? Probably not. So, if you can’t commit to a regular schedule, then the work and time that you do spend on it will likely be for nothing – especially if your aim is to boost your website’s search engine ranking.


Can you handle it?

The last thing you want to do is abandon a blog. It doesn’t look good to potential customers coming onto your website. The Internet is like a graveyard of abandoned blogs. People had big ideas but they just didn’t come through. Maybe their focus was all wrong, they didn’t market or they just got bored. Don’t be one of these people.

That being said, just because you had a blog in the past that you let go of doesn’t mean to say that you can’t start another one and make a success out of it. All bloggers do this. Do you really think they all got it right first time?

If you’re serious about making this blogging thing work, you need a plan. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before you take the plunge:

  • How often will you be posting?
  • When will you research, write, edit, find photos for these posts?
  • How and when will you have time to market them (yes you do need to market them!)
  • Where will you find new ideas when you run out?
  • Why are you blogging in the first place?
  • What’s in it for your readers? They need a reason to go to your blog and keep coming back.
  • Will your two blogs look completely different or will there be similar branding?
  • Will the blogs be linked by theme/subject?
  • Can you realistically keep this up?
  • Can you afford a freelance writer to take on the work you can’t?

While it might seem like I’m trying to take the fun out of blogging, I think a plan is important if you don’t want to end up disappointed. Sometimes people just go ahead without a plan and make successes of their blog, but I’m guessing these cases are very unusual.

However, if you’ve already started your second blog (without a plan) and are not sure where to go next – it’s not too late to get focused. You can still turn around your blog as long as you are committed to spending time with it.

Useful tools:


Marketing your blog is extremely important – you can’t expect people to just stumble across it anymore. One of the easiest ways to do this is via social media, with a tool like Hootsuite (free), Sprout (expensive) or Buffer (mid). These tools allow you to schedule social media posts in bulk so you don’t have to spend every day manually posting.

Project/time management

Use a tool to keep track of all the posts you plan to make. I currently use Todoist, which is a pretty straight forward to do list which you can sort by project. I also use Trello for post ideas. When I’ve got an idea I put it into the ‘ideas’ column, then ‘doing’ and then ‘done’. Whatever you use, don’t wait for ideas to come to you when you sit down to write. Create a backlog of ideas that you can pick from when you come to create your posts. It’ll seem less daunting.

I would also use a calendar like Google Calendar to schedule when you are going to work on your blog. I sort my tasks by: blogging, marketing, networking as these are probably the biggest three tasks you’ll need to make time for.


You’re probably going to need a lot of photos dotted around your posts. If you’re happy to use your own, that’s great as long as they look good.
If you don’t have photography skills or just don’t want to waste time, you can turn to the world of stock photos.

I know what you’re thinking, those pictures of women laughing and eating salad. I have no idea why they exist but just ignore them. They’re not all terrible. Quality ones will probably cost you a lot but there are some free alternatives:

When you’ve got a few, you might want to edit or resize them. I recommend Pixlr, a free online editing tool.

Hope this helps you on your blogging ventures! Are there any other tools you’d recommend or do you have any other tips for multi-bloggers? Let me know in the comments!

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