It doesn’t matter how good you are at writing, how careful you think you are – there’s a lot to be said about having an editor for your website content.

I’ve been writing content for years and had a fair share of edits and feedback but never anyone to regularly edit my work. That’s now changed for the better. I have recently partnered with a fellow copywriter and we have a neat little system going.

CjCopy is a copywriting and copy editing business, like me. Together, we edit each other’s work. Each piece of content is edited and checked at least twice before any of it sees the light of day.

This has made me a better writer and a better editor – it has also boosted the value of my content (and I’d like to say he’d agree about his own content).

What can a copy editor do?

An editor gives you a fresh perspective. That’s the main benefit to hiring a copy editor. They will see the things you don’t and they will look at your content objectively.

They’ll see those pesky little typos but they’ll also look at a sentence and ask themselves: how can I make this better/clearer/snappier?

A copy editor can:

  • Ensure there are no typos, grammar errors
  • Perform general fact checking
  • Check sentence structure for the best word flow
  • Check copy/content structure
  • Suggest additional points/extra content

Why hire a freelance writer who uses an external copy editor?

Surely a freelance writer shouldn’t need an editor?

Maybe, maybe not. Being a copy editor myself means that I perform several checks on every piece of content I put out, but having a second set of eyes on something I’ve written is invaluable.

In fact, many freelance writers hire a copy editor for their own work.

What you get when you hire a copywriting/copy editing team is high value copy that’s already been through a set of quality controls. That means less editing and tweaking for you to do as the client.

If you decide to hire me for website content writing services or blogging – you’ll get the added benefit of a second eye looking over all content before it goes out.

Think of it as two copywriters/editors for the price of one!

If you’re interested in my website content writing services, get in touch via my Contact page.

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